Complete FUN Ukulele for Beginners Program - Plus Stickers

Teach Ukuleles to your students today!   Perfect for grades 3-8.  

THIS PACKAGE INLCLUDES All digital files in the program and 35 STICKER SETS - you save $5

Free shipping on stickers.  Stickers ship within 24 hours.
After payent, look in your email for the download link.

The FUN UKULELE FOR BEGINNERS program includes 21 videos, 5-10 minutes long.  Each lesson builds on the skills taught in the previous lesson.  These videos teach you and your students proper finger positions, how to read a fret board, how to read with the FUN Music system and eventually how to read traditional music. While students are learning, you are free to walk around the room working 1:1 with students who need extra help. The unit finishes off with a fun playalong playdate with a primary grade.  

Three Zip files include

General Instructions on teaching a ukulele program 
21 video lessons teaching you and your students how to play the ukulele. 
11 Song files of the songs taught in the program 
Warm up videos
Lesson Tracking Page
Activity Pages
Testing Pages

You are purchasing the rights to use this program in any classes that you and your collegues teach in your school or for you to take for just your use in the multiple schools that you teach in.  Whichever applies to your teaching situation. Please do not copy and share it with teachers outside of your school. Please send them to my store to purchase their own copy. Remember, I am a teacher just like you. Thank you for your consideration

* HINT- Download the 3 zip files onto a computer with a good internet connection. You will be downloading almost 1 Gig of data. Then transfer the files onto a flash/thumb drive to take to class with you or to transfer onto a computer at school. 

Free shipping of picks and stickers in Canada and USA 



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